Provide the true Omnichannel Customer Experience your customers have always been seeking


Ameyo OmniQueue - Universal Queue, is a unified omnichannel platform for handling, reporting, routing, recording monitoring and management of customer interactions from mutiple commuication channels in the organization:

  1. Voice
  2. Chat
  3. Email
  4. Web
  5. SMS 
  6. Social Media

Agent handles

The Universal Queue allows an agent to handle calls, reply to chat messages, send emails and manage social media interactions from a single unified interface. This elimination the hassles of switching systems

Ameyo OmniQueue allows you to deploy state-of-the-art customer service platform management every customer inteaction in a consistent manner.


Key Features

Unified interface

Activity history

Real-time graphical representations

Voice logs

Advanced trigger-based notification

Time-based auto resppnses

Customer-based SLA definition


Our Clients

  • Nord Advertising

  • Arrow ECS

  • 3D Supply

  • DTF Travel

  • Europhoner

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