The goal of BeringIT is to implement software with focusing on callcenter productivity and efficentcy. With the newest technologies and methods, we develop applications for the web without compromising on the user-friendliness.

By developing standard products we are able to help thousands of users by optimizing their market adaptations.

If our software is not being used, we have not created any value for our customers. The more the software is recognized, the more value we create for our customers.

With our web technology, your company becomes independent of location and national boundaries. With our software your company is meant to be global!

With BeringIT, you receive high quality solutions, low risk implememtations and a high return on investment.

Over the last six years, we have implemented systems in Scandinavia, Germany and Spain. Latest we have made implementations for callcenters in South Africa, that's why we have a cooperation with CallcentreHUB and is a part of their callcentre solutions.

Our Clients

  • Nord Advertising

  • Arrow ECS

  • 3D Supply

  • DTF Travel

  • Europhoner

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