We give you a unique opportunity to use the same Flow platform in Scandinavian for free.

Flow is a Scandinavian solution. This means that you and your Scandinavian colleagues can use the same platform for communication and also working together. Make calls to each other free of charge, chat, connect calls and use a shared PBX system whether you are based in Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

With PBX, your customers no longer have to wait on hold and the are greeted professionally by being automatically placed in the right queue. We make advanced PBX solutions simple. So simple in fact, that you can build and administrate your PBX yourself. Because we have our own development department, we have the ability to integrate business systems and customise solutions to suit your business needs. We can even answer all your calls for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. 





Sales and marketing tool to increase sales and profitability

We understand the Call centre industry and the importance of scaling up and down of employees from time to time. Therefore with Navigator TMS you only pay for the actual usage. If agents are offline there will be no cost associated with the Navigator TMS license.

Navigator TMS benefits campaigns as:

Campaign type Target Example of Industry
Sales Selling products with a target per day per agent Newspapers
Retention Follow up on mortgages/ loans Finance
Appointment Book meetings for sales reps per region per day Sales
Fundraising Upgrade members or find new members NGO
Market research Market segmentation Car industry

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