Navigator TMS

Better, faster, smarter and easier...

These four key terms are the driving forces behind Navigator TMS - the most innovative telemarketing software developed for Call centre administration.

It is not a co-incidence that it is these very same key terms that move forward professional companies, both in terms of their daily routines and their long-time goals.

Navigator TMS secures your company better campaign results as the software administrates both qualitative and quantitative measurements. The qualifications of each employee are compared to a given campaign's requirements, thus allowing the campaign to be completed in the least amount of time.

Navigator AID

The Lifeline to new donors...

Navigator AID is the telemarketing solution for humanitarian and relief organisations whose primary functions are member recruitment (donations), upgrading of memberships and arrangement of automated payments.

Navigator AID gives management online statistical updates on different types of campaigns. Examples:

  • Upgrading of existing members (donors) relative to a specific goal
  • Arrangement of automated payments
  • Canvassing for potential members.

Our Clients

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  • Europhoner

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