It has never been easier to optimize and increase profitability in sales campaigns


As a campaign manager:

ROI With just a 5% increase in productivity Navigator TMS has a positive ROI.
Time to market Navigator TMS is easily customized with drag & drop. So you can customize existing campaigns or set up entirely new campaigns in just minutes. With real time reports the campaign manager has control on the cost and the efficiency per campaign and agent/ consultant.
Boost efficiency With Navigator TMS, your agents don't need to spend unnecessary time searching for phone numbers, registering leads/ contacts or on administration. Dial back and follow up on appointments are automated within the software, so no call or lead falls through the cracks. You increase your efficiency and profitability by 20 – 200% per campaign.
Optimize lead value Leads are often expensive and need to be handled with accuracy and timeliness. The intelligent segmentation tool in Navigator TMS ensures the most effective lead management and call flow. Never miss a single call, lead or scheduled contact time again.
Navigator TMS lets you fine-tune and control call settings depending on what type of leads or contacts you are calling. Always ensure that you get the most value out of every single lead.
Profitability It often takes five call attempts or more to reach a decision maker and get a fruitful conversation.

Navigator TMS helps your sales team get more done in less time. Automatically dialling leads in your campaigns retains Tele agents in a proactive approach, without ever having to worry about phone numbers or finding lead data. Navigator TMS automate this complex contact flow.

Scalability Scale up and down whenever you need to with "instant-on" capabilities from Bering IT. If you need more agents, you as a campaign manager can generate new licenses without one phone call to us.
Business Agility Whether your agents are in the building, at home, or around the world, they can log in and take calls from anywhere with just a computer, a headset, and an Internet connection. Softphones or dialers. Your supervisors can monitor from anywhere, too
License flexibility Pay as you grow with hourly or monthly per user fees.


 As a Tele agent:

Simple screens Navigator TMS is simple to use, just click on the phone number and the software guides you to your success.
E-mail sending

Have the same high level of quality in all written E-mails sent by using the automated templates, for example appointment letter and product sheet. Navigator TMS can send the e-mail in the name of your customer (, so it is not sending from the Call centre name. A feature most Call centre customers want.

Homogeny leads

Make your own segmentation criteria so the call lists have homogeny leads, then it is easer to be a professional tele agent.

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