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Navigator AID is the telemarketing solution for humanitarian and relief organisations, whose primary functions are member recruitment (donations), upgrading of existing memberships, automated payments and follow-ups on 'face-to-face' campaigns.

The licensed subscription is only DKK 400 per user, per month. The software tracks the number of users and charges appropriately. This means that the amount of money paid for the software corresponds 100% to the activity. View prices

Navigator AID gives management online statistical updates on different types of campaigns. Examples:

  • Upgrading of existing members (donors) relative to a specific goal
  • Arrangement of automated payments
  • Canvassing for potential members.

Navigator AID is able to co-ordinate telemarketing with information on new donors recruited through face-to-face canvassing. This increases the number of new donors.

Fundraisers may also dedicate a certain donation to a specific purpose.

Navigator AID also includes an automatic dialer function, which enables the fundraiser to increase the number of calls per hour by not having to manually dial every phone number.

Navigator AID contains a telescript tool for market research. Management is thus able to analyse a target group’s opinions on certain campaigns or on the general work of the organisation, thus optimizing later campaign messages.

Integration of existing membership databases is possible.

If the fundraiser increases his or her efficiency by only 2%, the system proves profitable.


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