Better, faster, smarter and easier...

These four key terms are the driving forces behind Navigator TMS – The most innovative telemarketing software developed for Call centre administration.

It is not a co-incidence that it is these very same key terms that move forward professional companies, both in terms of their daily routines and their long-time goals.

Navigator TMS uses telescript and softphone (dialer), enabling the campaign to be carried out on the basis of defined question/answer possibilities.

Navigator TMS is able to pass on campaign results more effectively through the web based customer’s forum containing meeting reports, campaign results, statistics and individual organizers.

Navigator TMS is a true multi-user system which may be used internationally in Call centres and local sales departments. With several language options Navigator TMS is meant to be global!

Navigator TMS is proactive. Data from different databases can be used dynamically so that management has a tool for decision-making which enables fast and effective reactions to the market development.


Manager tool: Campaign results and tele agents performance per campaign


Manager tool: Productivity per campaign per hour or per tele agent per hour


Manager tool for generating campaign reports / output reports to the customer


Tele agent screen: The campaign manager configured the front end by drag and drop


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